About US

Our Mission:

“We enrich your experience.” We promise and take pride in your satisfaction. We are customer-centric focus
We are a culture of innovators, leaders, educators and contributors to our community who believe in implementing technologies that make our lives simple and enrich our experience at home, at work and space in between. We are experienced, ambitious, hardworking and passionate technology application architect startup with passion in Mobile technology, Cloud computing, Virtualization, Multimedia content management and Web design. We advocate agile development principles, and adhere to them both in how we deliver our projects as well as how we run our business.


We are an equal opportunity employer and take pride in our culture. We believe in respect and integrity. We expect high ethics from everyone. We believe in our leaders and their ability to change lives around them. We are customer experience-centric and take pride in their satisfaction. We bring smile and make life simple!

Dynamic Development:

NFC 2.0, NFC, Super wifi, Android and Apple mobile application.


BRAINDOK LLC is managed by a team of highly competent and motivated likeminded team who has demonstrated consistent success.

How We Work

a We work together to understand business requirements and pain points.
b We analyze, define and blue print concept and solution.
c We execute and caliberate solution.
d We deliver and support to exceed your expectations.
We enrich your experience and value long term relation.